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Eladó NAND ProMan Professional nand flash programmer TL86_PLUS ELKELT

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Eladó egy NAND ProMan Professional nand flash programmer TL86_plus kihasználatlanság miatt, hátha valaki tudja használni.


NAND ProMan is a Professional programmer. It can support 16M-4G popular NAND flash chips and will add more supported devices in the future. It's good Repair Tool in many fields, such as automobile DVD GPS, automobile multimedia, data recovery and so on.
Powered by USB2.0 port, communication speed is high, easy to use
Support operating Spare Area (oob area)
Tested actually many manufacturers' NAND chips, such as Samsung, Hynix, Micron (Numonyx), Toshiba, Spansion, STM, ESMT(Taiwan), Zentel, MXIC and so on. In addition to TSOP48 package 3.3V NAND, at present add a few new models as below:
(1) TSOP48, 1.8V, NAND
(2) BGA63, 1.8V, NAND
(3) BGA63, 3.3V, NAND
(4) TSOP48, 3.3V, NOR

Vettem hozzá egy ilyet is ezt is adom vele:

2019 Newest 24 25 35 93 V3 series 8pin chip adapters socket for ProMan TL86-PLUS Porgrammer 8Pin adapter socket

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A komplett gép vagy csak az adapter panel.
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Kompletten az egész programozó, adapterek, kábel, cd, doboz, stb, 20 ezer postával.


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