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SHARP LC-42DH77E RU S V LC-46DH77E RU S V service manual (1st page)
Preview of SHARP LC-42DH77E RU S V LC-46DH77E RU S V [1st page]
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SHARP LC-42DH77E RU S V LC-46DH77E RU S V service manual (2nd page)
Preview of SHARP LC-42DH77E RU S V LC-46DH77E RU S V [2nd page]
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  • Also known:
    SHARP RU LC42DH77E LC46DH77E LC 42 DH 77 46 42DH77E 46DH77E LC-42DH77E LC-46DH77E
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Hi, mainboard Vestel 17MB70-5P. When turned on this TV, backlights comes on, I can hear the sound but no picture, just blue screen. When turned off to standby, the red and green led stays blinking. With oscilloscope I can see some signals in mainboard in cn26 to t-con. Previously on this TV have had some problems with the memory chip. Failure became suddenly, TV did not start anymore. Can anyone give advice on this problem? Kossi
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The same model of tv with differents schemas, the model is ELBE-SHARP C-1401
Here is the schema of SHARP C-1401:
But in this page a different schema for the ELBE-SHARP C-1401 (Elbe is a spanish brand):
Also exist the model SHARP C-1401GS, I saw in a Sharp catalog

I uploaded 2 images, the image of the tv and the schema that I requested
In this page only is possible request the pages of 1 and 1 with a email and the maximum is 3 request in 1 day and 10 request in 1 month

The schema that is in electrotanya belongs to the tv SHARP C-1401?

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