File upload (service manual /sm/ , schematic /sch/, eproms /bin/, service info)

ONLY service manual, schematics and reapir related files can be uploaded!
Books, magazines, hobby and other schematics are NOT!
User manual (eg. user, owner, instruction manual) ONLY in HUNGARIAN language!!!!

Please do not upload any documents intended for internal use (signed only internal use or confidential)
and do not upload files from official service network either. Thank you for your understanding!

Need FLASH plugin to upload!

Uploading data
Do not check duplicates
Do not compress if only 1 file included!
But compress with zip or rar before upload when there are multiple files for one device or document.
Do not use space and extra characters in the filename!
Good sample: samsung_ck5027z_chassis_p-58sc.pdf
(underscores _ separate the brand and types!)
If filename is incorrect, rename it before upload.

What: tv, video, audio, monitor and all...
Cast: sm, sch, power-supply, service-info, eprom ...
eg: tv sm or audio service info

See detailed uploading rules (for the time being hungarian language only)

Old HTML version upload page HERE

After you put Upload button, please be patient!
You will get message about successful uploading.
Uploading time is depend on your UPloading bandwidth,
(eg. with a 256Kbit/sec up bandwidth, you upload ~2MB in 1 minute).