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BELMONT RADIO CORP. 650 SCH service manual (1st page)
Preview of BELMONT RADIO CORP. 650 SCH [1st page]
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BELMONT RADIO CORP. 650 SCH service manual (2nd page)
Preview of BELMONT RADIO CORP. 650 SCH [2nd page]
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PPA400-ba hangszinszabályzó építés
Sziasztok. Van egy épített PPA400 erősítőm amibe szeretnék hangszinszabályzót építeni. A hagszinszabályzó már késszen van 12VDC tápfesz kell neki. A gondom az hogy az erősítő trafoja 75VAC feszt produkál ami az elkok után 100VDC. Kérdésem az lenne hogy eből a feszültségből hogyan csináljak 12VDC-t? Próbáltam egy tranyós kapcsolást be is ált a 12VDC de az erősítő súgott mint a rádió antenna nélkül. Egy kapcsolási rajz a táphoz sokat segítene. Köszönöm.
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Kenwood KA-3500 Integrated Amp BIAS Adjust
Hello, Last week I picked up a nice Kenwood KA-3500 40watt intergrated amplifier in pretty good shape. Upon using it a bit more, I noticed a bit of distortion at high volume, more so in the left channel. I checked the DC offset at the speaker terminals, and the L channel said 100 mV, while the R was 25 mV. I understand this isn't so good for the L channel at least, but unfortunately this amp doesn't have any DC offset adjustments. Am I right in saying that to fix this I'd have to replace the output transistors? -- On a related issue, in the service manual I found the section on BIAS adjustment, and I read online how it can affect the DC offset. So I hooked up my voltmeter to the test points, and I got 4 mV on the L, and 8 mV on the R. In the manual it says should be 40 mV.....(!). Is there something wrong here? I tried carefully adjusting them, but they only go to 30mV with the pots fully on, this doesn't seem right to me. -- I compromised at 20 mV BIAS for both channels, and now the DC offset is 50 mV for L, and 5 mV for R, which is better, less than half what they were. I'm wondering, will I damage anything doing this, should I put them back to where they were? -- The service manual is on site here. Let me know if you want me to upload an english copy of the Owner's Manual, it has a better schematic in it all on one page, easier to read. I've also included some pictures. They're not my actual unit, but mine is exactly the same, but less dusty. -- Thanks for reading this. Many thanks in advance, and have a peaceful Palm Sunday! :taps2: Bellarmine
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