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File Upload

Schematic, service manual, service info, eprom, firmware, user manual upload.

Do not upload books, newspapers or other hobbies schematics!
The device must be older than 3 years, to which the uploaded file belongs.

Do not compress if it contains only 1 file!
The filename must include the brand and type number(s) separated by a space (or by an underline _).
eg: akai tv-1411tgb tv-2111tgb chassis pt-11.pdf
or  philips_cdr795_cdr796.pdf

What kind of: tv, video, washing machine, monitor, etc.
Nature: service manual (sm), schematic, service info, eprom, etc.
eg: tv sm or audio service info or audio user manual
This file type cannot be uploaded!
An error occurred while uploading the file
The upload has been canceled by the user or the browser dropped the connection
Your file is very big. We can't accept it. Please select more small file