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Privacy and Cookie policy

Cookies and Privacy policy

Cookie policy

Based on the relevant measures we kindly inform you that the page uses its own cookies and that of deriving from third parties (google analytics, adwords).

What are cookies?

A cookie is a brief text file, which is sent by our web-server to your device (whatever it is: any kind of computers, mobile phones or tablets). There are temporary (working process) cookies, which are deleted automatically when closing the browser, and there are also cookies with longer lifespan spending much more time on your device. (The latter one depends on the settings of your own device.). You can read more thoroughly about cookies:

Why do we use cookies?

Cookies are mostly applied for ensuring the operability of the page, e.g. we notice its settings, or you are enabled to enter as a user registered. Furthermore, we can apply targeted advertisements with the help of cookies so that you should see mostly advertisements appropriate for you. It is important that cookies used on the page must not involve either personal information, either passwords.

What kind of cookies are used on the page?

System cookies: storing general settings for ensuring the basic operation of the page (e.g. registration, login status /working process/)
Debugging cookies: serving the preparation of statistics concerning the use of the page, e.g. which the most preferred topics are. These help the development of the page.
Google products (advertisement, captcha): for the sake of presenting appropriate advertisements for you (Google's use of advertising cookies allows Google and its partners to show you ads based on your visits to the website and other websites on the Internet) and prevents robots on site (captcha), more thoroughly you can see here:

How can you delete and disable cookies?

In case, based on the afore-mentioned you would not like the age to use cookies, you can disable them. Disabling them is dependent on your browser and it may take place in different ways. The how, the when and the wherefore of disabling cookies in the most popular browsers can be found through the following links:
Google Chrome:
Internet Explorer:
Users can opt out of personalized ads by visiting Ads Preferences .
Furthermore at, you can also disable the use of cookies for personalized advertising by certain third-party service providers.

Your contribution

By using and browsing the site, cookies are stored on your device.
If you disable them, please, take into consideration that not all functions will be surely available on the page (e.g. registration, forum topic or repairing comments).

Privacy policy

For Elektrotanya is important to protect the privacy of users. They are treated with special caution and stored.

With the exception of email address being necessary for registration – no personal data are stored on the page. Email address will not be passed to third parties for any reasons, neither for marketing purpose, nor for newsletters. Email address will only be used for registering to the page. Additionally, new passwords will also be sent in case the user has forgotten it in the meantime.

Other professional information optionally provided when registering will solely be seen by members. These kinds of information may help you e.g. in receiving help according to your professional preparedness to questions asked in the forums.

In case you wish to terminate your registration, you should send a message to the email address of the page:, from the email address which was used when having been registering. The letter should contain even the user name applied on the page.
These information can be found on the page My account following the login..

During the visit of this site, the server will record your IP address for security reason. These data are stored electronically on our server for 7 days.
If you have any questions or remarks about your personal information stored on the site or about the prospectus itself, please write to

Forum rules

Users registered have the opportunity to create forum topics and may even offer remarks concerning them. Forum regulation can be found here: here.