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A fórum használatának szabályai, moderálási alapelvek

The basic purpose of the forum is to provide with a professional surface by which equipments to be repaired can be brought in operation again. This target can be reached successfully if users’ description of the information, the naming of different types belonging are more and more exact promoting by this that later on searchers would be able to find the topic, equipment and reparation manual being requested. The basic moderation point is to ensure even heavy clashes to be discussed in a civilized way. As a consequence, not only notorious, rough words, swear-words, improper expressions will be filtered out but ad hominem attacks (negative critics regarding play-off the personality and the deeds of other people), hot-tempered posts as well.

Creating a topic on the forum
When you create a new topic you are kindly asked to describe more and more exactly the name of the theme. 90% of topics suspended are due false naming and laxity. If a label is deficient or wrong then the topic will be suspended. The posterior (within 48 hours) correction of the wrong title can be down by clicking on the “Edit” menu. If following correction, the topic meets the regulations then it will be placed back within 24 hours. The forum is thematic, so you should find the forum where your topic fits the most.
Placing forum topics or posts are prohibited which

  • injures privacy law, data protection act;
  • causes the violation of the law or appeals to committing crimes or infringements;
  • contains aggressiveness, personality, obscenity, slandering, pugnaciousness, discrimination or hate speech;
  • involves citing from a personal letter without the contribution of the author;
  • outrages, and it was written for the purpose of flurrying a person or more people.

Among the problems mentioned above it is the last one which occurs from time to time. For this reason all of you are emphatically if someone cannot give or does not wish to place substantive comment then he / she should not do it avoiding by this outrages and personalities!! Own topics and comments are allowed to be edited freely but their deletion or entire overwriting is prohibited! Topic starters are free to be edited but comments are allowed to be changed just until there is no remark attached by others! If anyone is asked by a moderator to suspend an activity then going on with that topic is considered as the breaching of the regulation even in that case if the theme is not listed in the rules. The forum is a professional (electrical engineering) one, for this reason it is emphatically exempt from politics. Breaching this principle implies sanctions.

Limiting the right of commenting
Breaching the current regulation besides the deletion of the topic in question and / or comments without any warning may lead to the temporary prohibition of the right of commenting. The serial withdrawal of the commenting right or the heavy breaching of the regulation will lead to disabling the user account! Setting back topic or comment deleted is not possible.

Offence, legal information
For commences made on the home page legal responsibility is taken by the discussant. In case of the fact, when a third party inaugurates a procedure or establishes a claim to anything published on the home page then the sender of the content (or his / her legal representative) should take all costs emerging and the compensation of impairments. Themes and comments injuring regulations may be deleted without any warning. Moderators have the right to delete any theme or comments even in case if they do not breach the regulation of the forum use. The moderators of the home page are volunteers, they manage the moderation of the forum in their free time. For this reason all of you are kindly asked to be patient when you are waiting for an answer or any assistance from the moderators (e. g. placing back topic suspended). In case you have any proposal concerning the operation of the home page or you think that any infringement might take place, please, make the moderators aware of these information.