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These are forum topics whose names do not conform to the rules. For example, it does not include the type of device, its failure, no clear information of the topic. If the topik launcher fixes the title, it will be removed from this suspended status.
Here you will find everything that can be related to electrical.


- Repair forums (247850)
- School desk (10862)
- Service menu and unlock codes (1082)
- Other electronics (23671)
- Industrial electronics (5406)
- Hobby electronics (12143)

Write in this forum if you are looking for a job or you offer a job.
Here you can request or exchange things that you have too much or too few for you.
If you are looking for a component, a panel and other accessories for the equipment to be repaired, write to this forum. WARNING this is not a marketplace, here do not offer for sale!
These are forum topics that are very far from the original theme or are out of date and are therefore closed.
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