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CANON CLC-300 SM service manual (1st page)
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CANON CLC-300 SM service manual (2nd page)
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    CANON CLC-300 CLC300 CLC 300
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Canon MPC190
Sziasztok ! Segítségeteket szeretném kérni abban , hogy van egy MPC190-es nyomtatóm először tintateie hibakódja volt azt megoldottam ,viszont most nincs hibaüzenet egyik napról a másikra nem nyomtat. Teljesen úgy tesz mintha nyomtatna csak üres papír jön ki belőle . A patronok tele vannak és a fej sem lehet beszáradva mert ha törölgetem jön belőle a tinta mindegyik szín.Nem tudom szoftveres vagy hardveres gondja lehet . előre is köszönöm : xirpa
CANON Pixma Inkjet MG8120 - error B200
Saw lots of videos on these with error code B200. Cleaning the head seems to solve it many times.
So after I put the cleaned out printhead back in, I did the trick again
where u power it off when the carraige is half way to the left, remove power
andapply power.

This time, it said "processing" on the screen, and the carriage did alot of
extra maneuvers, and looked like it was attempting a cleaning cycle.

At the end, the screen said "cover open", and the carriage slid toward the
left,stopped, and (3) cartridge LED's were flashing slowly, which I was told
meansthose cartriges are low ink. If I closed the cover, the B200 error would
eventually come back.

I asked the customer if he had spare cartridges, and he did, so he bought
them over, we put them in , tried again, and same B200 error.

I told him its likely a print head, and he may try ordering one thru ebay or
something to give that a try. Apparently there are microelectronics inside these
heads? Beats me how they control or regulate ink flow. On the back of the head there are about
50 contact pads, which I guess must be sensors of some kind? He did say he took the head out
at one point, and perhaps ESD may have damaged some sensitive circuitry in
there, and now the head is out of spec.

I thought I saw some russian videos jumpering some of the pads on the head to bypass the code....anyone have any success?

Canon fax-B820 hibaüzenet : ## 342
Sziasztok! A fenti hibaüzenet jelent meg a gépen... Van valakinek tapasztalata ? Üdv: Wolf
Canon CLC1000
Tisztelt kollégák! Szeretném ha segítene valaki van egy CLC1000 fénymásolóm és E061-0423 hibakodót irja ki! Javaslatokat előre is köszönöm!
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