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SANSUI SV2118SI M28 CHASSIS ALSO LT1427 LT2127 SV1418 SV2136 SV2188
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SANSUI SV2118SI M28 CHASSIS ALSO LT1427 LT2127 SV1418 SV2136 SV2188 service manual (1st page)
Preview of SANSUI SV2118SI M28 CHASSIS ALSO LT1427 LT2127 SV1418 SV2136 SV2188 [1st page]
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Sansui lcd chassis B.FL.MG04-5431 model sv-3050lcd take long to start and shuts down after 20 sec.
Hi,i have this sansui lcd sv-3050 that i am fixing if i power it on it takes some time to light up and if it manages will shut down in 30 secs.i have changed some caps(power supply)which were bulged.i am suspecting the inverter board (dafron v144-48v1448.001/f)is there a way to bypass or remove the protection on the inverter board and ic it advisable?
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