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SONY HBD-DZ330 HBD-DZ710 HBD-DZ730 VER1.0 service manual (1st page)
Preview of SONY HBD-DZ330 HBD-DZ710 HBD-DZ730 VER1.0 [1st page]
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SONY HBD-DZ330 HBD-DZ710 HBD-DZ730 VER1.0 service manual (2nd page)
Preview of SONY HBD-DZ330 HBD-DZ710 HBD-DZ730 VER1.0 [2nd page]
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  • Also known:
    SONY HBDDZ-330 HBDDZ330 HBDDZ710 HBDDZ730 HBDDZ 330 710 730 HBD DZ330 DZ710 DZ730 HBD-DZ330 HBD-DZ710 HBD-DZ730
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Sony Sl-S770 vcr interrupted playback and AV display issues

I'm encountering an issue with my Super Betamax player. During playback, some cassettes abruptly stop playing at seemingly random points, accompanied by a sound similar to the one made when a tape reaches its end. This interruption also renders the rewind and forward buttons unresponsive. However, it does not impede the manual forwarding or rewinding of the cassette. The only solution seems to be ejecting the cassette and reinserting it. Occasionally, even this workaround fails, allowing only two seconds of playback before the problem recurs.

I sought guidance from the Mister Betamax troubleshooting page, which indicated that the tape safety device might be the root cause. I received additional advice suggesting that the issue could stem from one of the sensors within the VCR, possibly due to oxidized contacts causing intermittent operation. It was recommended to resolve this by carefully cleaning the contacts on the sensor switch responsible for detecting loaded tapes or the sensor that detects if the tape is "record-protected." Another suggestion was to monitor the output of these switches using an oscilloscope or voltmeter to determine if they are indeed the source of the problem.

I'm eager to hear if anyone has additional advice or personal experiences to share regarding this issue.

Additionally, I'm facing an AV cable problem where the yellow AV cable fails to display any video. While it used to work correctly, the AV audio cable still functions properly. As a temporary workaround, I've been using a coaxial cable and routing it through another VCR to utilize its AV output. However, I'm interested in exploring potential solutions to fix the issue with the yellow AV cable, if possible. Any insights or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Sony VO-5850 u-matic közlőkerék Megoldva
Sziasztok! Segítséget szeretnék kérni, javítok egy U.matic videót és a közlókerék gumija totál halott. Tudtok esetleg olyan helyet ahol ilyen gumikat lehet szerezni, a komplett közlőkerékről lemondok mert az már a lehetetlen kategóriája. A gumi mérete 31x24x4,5 mm. Köszi a segítségeteket.
Sony slv-x57
Sziasztok, tudnátok-e egy robbantott rajzot küldeni, szétszedtem a mechanikát az üzemmodkapcsoló kitisztitása miatt egy hete, most meg nem tudom összerakni. Konkrétan a lendkerék féktuskoja akasztott meg, amit utólag nézve nem is kellett volna kivenni,négy müanyagalkatrész és egy rugó nem talál a helyére, köszi.
Sony EV-S1000E: service manual is missing the Power Supply schema

Hello everybody,
I'm trying to fix an old Sony vcr with some PS issues and unfortunately from the service manual (the one with electric schema) I've downloaded from this very good service the PS circuit is missing. 

Anyone with the original manual may help me?

Thank you!

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