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NAD 5100 SM
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NAD 5100 SM service manual (1st page)
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NAD 3020E erősítő. Bekapcsolás után "zajhullám"
Üdv Mindenkinek! NAD 3020E típusú erősítőn bekapcsolás után 1-2 másodperccel egy zajhullám fut végig. A zaj minden bekapcsoláskor jelentkezik. A kisebb elektrolitkondik kapacitása jó, a névlegeshez közeli értékű. Ettől a zajtól eltekintve az erősítő jól működik. Mi lehet a gondja? istvancs
NAD 3140 amplifier - power transistors getting hot
This one had been sitting in a barn for years. Powered it up and the large power transistors on the heat sink would get hot
after a time....and the heat sink would also get quite hot. Speakers sounded like they had some DC on them....with a loud thump

Found the manual on Hi-Fi engine, ]
and saw a video on youtube saying lots of capacitors dry out
due to their locations near resistors that get very hot, I guess sorta a poor
design. Went in and recapped almost the entire
product save for the (4) large 50V PS caps which appear to check ok.None of
the high power or driver transistors
mounted to the main heat sink were shorted..

Powered on but no audio, and noticed the fuses to Bridge D805 were melted open.
I believe they were ok before.
Replaced them and they started to light up like fiilaments, so shut down,
removed the bridge D805, then checked it, its ok.

There is about a 16 ohm short on the + / - lands where the bridge was. It
seems like something I did maybe is causing this,
like a capacitor in backwards, which I am doing alot of lately for some

Turns out, yep I put C805 (470/ 63) In backwards ! Capacitor still checks
ok, so will re-use it.

Short is still there though Im guessing R803 is adding in 5.6 ohms or so,
that means theres a 10 ohm short someplace. Q801, 802 arent reading short,
and looks like this becomes a +43V ps feed.

Any ideas out there on what to check next? I am guessing this cap in
backwards caused the voltage applied to a component to be
reverse and its shorted. Or would this be normal with a reversed cap installed,
and putting it in right would be how to fix it?

Steve Hearns
Technotronic Dimensions [USA]
NAD 5120 lemezjátszó felujítás
Van egy NAD 5120-am két csőkarral, MC10/T-10 mc pickuppal és trafóval, de már sok baja van. Tartalék ékszíjam van hozzá, viszont ki kéne cseréljem a motorját, mert már kattog. Sehol nem találok ilyet. A motor megegyezik a TESLA NC470 és a Lenco L800 lemezjátszó motorral, de így sem találtam. Más. Kéne a csőkar csillapítójába szilikon olajat töltenem, de nem tudom pontosan a viszkozitását. Hol lehet ilyen szilikon olajat venni? üdv.
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