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PHILIPS 51T146-00-05 SM

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PHILIPS 51T146-00-05 SM service manual (1st page)
Preview of PHILIPS 51T146-00-05 SM [1st page]
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PHILIPS 51T146-00-05 SM service manual (2nd page)
Preview of PHILIPS 51T146-00-05 SM [2nd page]
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  • Also known:
    PHILIPS 51T1460005 51 1460005 51T146 00 05
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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to repair a philips 55PUS7809 with power but no picture.

After disassemblying it, I found out that a Q3 transistor had blown away on the T-Con board réf. 6870C-0502B (LG Display)

Anyone could help me finding the diagram of this board?

Thanks a lot.

04/07/2019 : I ordered the board on

10 days after, I received a refurbished board with one inductor case broken. Also I had to pick up a LVDS lever from the old board to replace one missing 
on the new board.

After plugin everything back, Tv is working again !!

Bought 1400€ 5 years ago, I'm happy to fix it with only 8€ (shipment included)

THanks Aliexpress !!!

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