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QSC DCA3022 SCH service manual (1st page)
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QSC DCA3022 SCH service manual (2nd page)
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ION Archive LP Turntable

This is a compact design to I guess transfer the vinyl into MP3 format.
Complaint was when the arm was moved the tt dont spin, confirmed that as
theres a leaf switch to sense arm movement,
and its fed to a main pcb with all the IC's that I guess handle all the
stuff. The switch is ok, and I remember seeing 14V or so on the motor pins
frm the PCB, so I figured perhaps theres anough current to spin the motor and
focused on testing the motor.

Manufacturer does not supply the mainboard that feeds the motor but
the motor can be taken apart and after I opened it and
disconnected the small pcb fron the motor terminals and apply power
directly, it spins w 12v. theres a small electrolytic cap on the pcb 25V / 22uF and an
AN6652 4 pin T0-220 type case IC that I guess is some kind of speed control

The drive Motor is an EG-530-SD-3F, main board is stamped K-13007.
Gonna check the cap, but after searching this IC and its
applications with the motor, I see its popular and some drawings show how its used to regulate the 78,33
and 45 rpm speeds.

This drawing looks pretty much what I see in there:

I have replaced the IC and the cap, but the motor still does not turn. The main pcb

is proprietary and cant be purchased, and I think it is giving the op-amp IC a reference signal.

Is there a way to bypass that signal or fool the IC to believing its on to test it out?

Photo showing the motor pcb :
Photo of motor under test:




Philips FR-732/00 fluoreszcens kijelző
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