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SAMSUNG ASC20070315001 LNS3238DX LNS3241DX LNS3251DX LNS3252DX LNS3292DX LNS3296DX BULLETIN service manual (1st page)
Preview of SAMSUNG ASC20070315001 LNS3238DX LNS3241DX LNS3251DX LNS3252DX LNS3292DX LNS3296DX BULLETIN [1st page]
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this series USA model is very prone to backlight failure, so
ordered (8) new strips. Opened up the TV, and am testing the old ones. So
far all the ones on the right side are lighting up ok,
the set of strips connected to them via the connector side with the plugs
are not lighting up at all, even when I supply power directly
to the pins on that side.

I took out a set of the new strips, connected them together and tested, and
they are doing the same thing...whats going on? Thought these were all in

If I separate the strips, the one with the connector plug seems to not
light. I have not gone through all the
new ones yet to test. I suppose they could be defective but strange how all
the ones in the TV on that side are not lighting and the others are.

Anyone have an idea whats going on here? indecision

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