How to change the site language to ENGLISH

It seems to me, that only a few people visited our English version of the web site.

I will show you how to get access.

Log in and do the following:

1. Look the left menu, and click on Saját adatok

2. Click on the Szerkesztés tab

3. Select Angol to english language

4. To save settings click on the Beküldés button at the bottom of the page

At last you have to logout (click on the Kilépés menu item on the left side) and then login again!
Ta daam... from now the more important texts are in english.


The whole site will be in english?

No. Just the more important parts. I don't have enough time to translate everything.
(although, it is a hungarian site by default, but you can write in english in the forum.)

I don't understand clearly some text. Why?

Basically two cases can be:
- Unfortunately my english is poor. Szomorú
- May be your English is not good either. Kacsint

Why could not be set english lang in the registration form?.

My web programming skill is not good enough to do that. I hope I will succeed in it soon.

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