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Le Doksi neve Tip. Kat. Alkat. Méret
CHINA KONKA LA4270LC863328ALA76832LA7841TDA4605 TVSM277 KB
CHINA KONKA LA4285LC863328ALA76810LA76820LA7840TDA4605 TVSM265 KB
CHUANGJIA CJ14 CHASSIS - LC863320A-5R76 LC863328A-50J1 , SCH TVSM230 KB
EASTKIT TN2192 PLUS - LC863328A-5S15 , LA76810 , LA7840 , TD SCH TVSM371 KB
EASTKIT TN2581AA - LC863328A-5S15 , LA76810 , LA7840 , TDA10 SCH TVSM1032 KB
PANDA 29M05 - LC863328A-5S15 , LA76810 , LA7840 , TDA1013B - TV D SCH TVSM595 KB

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