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AKAI PT61DL34X-SMS CHASSIS L64D service manual (1st page)
Preview of AKAI PT61DL34X-SMS CHASSIS L64D [1st page]
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AKAI PT61DL34X-SMS CHASSIS L64D service manual (2nd page)
Preview of AKAI PT61DL34X-SMS CHASSIS L64D [2nd page]
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Hello to everyone, I hope someone can help me in English :D i have a problem with this LCD TV Akai AZ 4280FHDT4 LCD 42" . It's power supply was fault, and I got it working, but now i have another problem, there is no picture. Actually the screen is fade white-blueish, no picture no OSD, but SOUND is working fine... I can't find service manual for this TV anywhere... And that is even more difficult because I cant see what is the main processor and the main IC on T-Con Board, because there is a glued cooler over them. The main board is:20-MT5362--13-OX The card that controls the LCD screen: SZTHTFTV1607 Power supply: MLT198TL I suspect the T-CON board, because i get 12V from main board going too it, but there is no supply for main processor on TCON (probably MST6xxx IC), there should be 3.3v to supply it, but there is not... there is i thin a DC to DC convertor that should convert 12 to 3,3 but i cant read any marks from it, so i don\t know what it does exactly. Here is what the board is, i think, it has its cooler taken off... Here are the pictures of the tv set adn individual modules TV Behind Main Board (20-MT5362--13-OX) Power supply (MLT198TL) Others PNEL - T805A AV/HDMI/USB modul SZTHTFTV1607 Remote If anyone knows where can the service manual can be found it would be nice... I see that many LCD tv's have similar problems, and that the LCD driver is mostly the reason... Is there any similar manufacturer, that could help too... Thank you in advance
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