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Tippek a kereséshez

Tips to search

If there is no hit then try to simplify the text to be searched. Do not put down everything, it is enough just to give the most characteristic series of characters.
E.g. instead of DAEWOO 21A5T CHASSIS CP-375 first you should rather type just cp375.
If you receive too many hits later you may narrow searching aspects by giving more exact values.

1. Not only the full text may be given, e. g. instead of grundig cuc4620 you can give a partial name like grundig 462 or just cuc462.

Within the text box it is worth to separate the name of the material to be searched. For separating you may use bspace, hyphen (-) and underline (_).

It is worth to try searching by separating with hyphen as if the topic is not written in one word in the database then no hit will be given.
E. g. hitachi_dv-p2e.pdf should be searched this way: hitachi dv-p2e or hitachi dv p2e, as hitachi dvp2e written into one will not provide with all hits.

2. Text inserted will automatically be separated by the searcher: e. g. cuc4620 will automatically be turned into cuc 4620.

3. If one would like the search not to be separated then you should use quotation marks (”4.4…”), e. g. "cuc4620".

4. When you are searching for TV or monitor and you cannot find it then try to search by using chassis, e. g. "sony fe2".

5. If there are too many hits then you should use pre-selectors, such as TV, Monitor, illetve SM, eprom.

Remark: The searcher is not case sensitive, both lowercase and uppercase can be used.