XR2209 triangle wave distorsion

Dear Elektro Tanya members,
I am experimenting with a triangular wave oscillator built using the XR2209.

The waveform I get is distorted. The distortion increases with frequency and is noticeable from 2,000 Hertz.
At the points of change of slope of the waveform are observed spikes and a kind of damped sine wave.
The waveform improves slightly loading the output with 470 OHM. The wave gets worse if a 10nF capacitor is placed in the output.
I want to know if anyone else has used the XR2209 and if you have any idea why this happens.

Thanks in advance!

triangle wave XR2209 schematic.PNG22.45 KB
20171008_114408.jpg48.19 KB
20171008_114625.jpg45.98 KB
20171008_114850.jpg44.71 KB

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