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Electric fireplace 26OEM021 / E260EM021

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Product is only 4 years old, she claims one day it stopped working during maybe a power surge.

Took some photos and posted here ]

Shows thermistor which mounts above the heater blower motor, seems to have checked ok, and shows diagram of pcb connectors
and picture of the single PCB which has a smps built into it. I replaced the 8 pin smps IC, a THX203H I guess an exclusive Chinese made
device. Installed it, no help.I'm assuming its not defective from stock. Had to purchase (10) pcs, so
I guess thats always something to not overrule. No service info available from what I can tell.

Other Tech says usually a TCO (thermal cutoff switch) goes bad on these, but I could not locate one anywhere on the chassis.
The electrolytic caps looked not to have leaked any electrolyte and I think I remember testing them ok. Resoldered some connections
on the pcb just to be sure, and there is a fuse which read low ohms, so I figured it was ok. Sorta of has me stumped....

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You measured voltage on a PCB? 
D1, EC5 ,IC2 (78L05) etc.
Search thermal cutoff device!

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Looked all over cannot find a thermal cutoff. I gave the product back to the owner, unable to repair....sadly. I felt like to effect the repair, its almost requiring a reverse enginering of
the whole product, and my patience ran short. That whole pcb can order from Alibaba, but I dont agree with all those Asian sites soaking up the electronic parts markets, and 
most likely the part wont work anyway.


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