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2N30809 Dual FET ?

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Trying to get a Leader 100mhz scope back in action, the Y axis drifts and this post seems to say a dual FET could be a cause:

The number seems wrong, and could it be a 2N3809? Schematic seems to indicate Q23A/Q23B is that part number.
I have uploaded the SM for the LBO-518 scope to the manuals section.

Someone on a ham radio forum said they have a LBO-516 plus a parts unit and
turns out it uses the same kind of dual FET. In that drawing its a ITS3809 as per the
parts list of the SM. SM for this is also in the manuals section as well.


More searching says there is a mil spec type part under 1853-0269 that may be the same.

Can anyone confirm what the part number is to use or a sub part that would work

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Thank you for the help. I got the AD3956 - 2 pcs. Turns out a 2N3956 is the same design. I will post results here once I install !


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