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AKAI AM-67 Amplifier: random clicking noise when output is switched on A, B or A+B even if nothing is connected to it

My 30 years old AKAI AM-67 is producing an annoying random clicking sound, often continuous and very rapid, even after disconnecting all IN and OUT cables.

It tends to click more while I am switching the "SPEAKERS" selector, clicks very fast with selector switched on A+B, a bit less when on A and on B, and does not click at all with selector switched to OFF. When on OFF I can use my headphone without any problems. Do you recognize this as an easy symptom to diagnose or a difficult one? 

If it is nothing very obvious, I am going to take the ampli the only local lab available in my village. But I do not know if I should trust them with vintage equipment.

Please help!



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The clicking sound is caused by the output relays.
It can be a poor contact , but it can also be a power amplifier fault.
 A specialist is required to rectify the problem.



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