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AKAI AM32 Amplifier - No sound output from both left channels.


Hoping someone can give me some help :)

I have an AKAI AM32 amplifier ( schematics link here : ) and am having an issue with no output out of both the left side speakers. Also no output on the left side of the headphone jack. Have opened it up and given it a clean ( was very dusty ) and had a look at most solder joints which all seem to be in tact. The amplifier was left on for an extended period of time which may have contributed to the issue. I have checked the fuses and none were blown. Was working perfectly fine the day before and have been using regularly for the past year.

Any help appreciated :)))



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This is an very simple construction amplifier, but several contact problems are possible.
You have to follow the path of the signal from the input to the output, where it disappears.
I would check the output relay first, then the input selector switch.
These are the two most common sources of problems.


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