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Akira CT-21PF9CP TV won't turn on

TV Akira CT-21PF9CP. Kondisi tidak mau hidup. Saat dicolokkan stop kontak, infikator kedip sekali dan bunyi dug pd speaker. Kalo dicabut dab dicolokkan lg akan sama kondisinya. Ini pernah terjadi 4 bln yg lalu dan TV tdk dipake. Skitar 1 bln yg lalu saya coba colokkab ke stop kontak tiba2 indikator nyala stabil dan TV bs disetel kembali. Kmarin kumat lagi ga bs disetel.
Bagian mana yg hrs di ganti? Saya pemula, tempat servia TV susah cari

Akira TV CT-21PF9CP. Conditions do not want to live. When plugged into the socket, the indicator flashes once and the sound of a dug on the speaker. If it is unplugged and plugged in again it will be the same condition. This happened 4 months ago and the TV was not used. About 1 month ago, I tried to plug it into the socket. Suddenly, the indicator turned on and the TV could be reset. Kmarin recurrence cannot be adjusted again. Which parts should be replaced? I am a beginner, TV servia places are difficult to find