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Asking for service manual for National (panasonic) nv-L 250am

Dear Gentlemen:

First of all I'm really appreciated from your fruitful website and I'm really ,really enjoy and apply in my repairing different vintage VCR with different brands and models and to be honest this web site is so unique and thanks from the whole staff and manager of this web site 
one of my issues these days in my country the number of National old vcr (panasonic) L series specially the L250am is too much and J20 unfortunately I couldn't find in your web site and surfing the net there is no sign of service manual for this model but L 15 L25 is available but as you know the bom and gerber of pcb and out voltage is completely different 
it would be grateful to help to find this manual or send me to my gmail is  in due course
I all the time proceed in your job and pace the success all the time in your job 
thanks in advance
Mehrdad Hatami 

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