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Bang and Olufsen RX2 Beogram Turntable power supply issue

I have the above mentioned turntable and it had a blown fuse on board 1 (rectifier board).
I replaced the shorted 1000 mfd capacitor and now I get 27 volts DC output.
Is this the correct DC voltage?
The diodes appear to be OK.(not shorted).
I do not want to plug this into the control board and fry something.

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Hello Dave!

See the attached circuit diagram detail. If you measure 27V DC on capacitor C1, it is correct. Also replace the capacitors C1, C2 on the control panel. Connect it to the control panel and measure the output of IC1.(7812) If you get a value of around 12V, you worked well. Good luck!

Best regards: Tony

Ps: Don't worry about the shouter, not everyone on the site is like that.smiley



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