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Broken camera Fuji

Good morning special people i have a camera Fuji (photo)that Is broken .Anyone can help me.I asked to Fuji assistance and they told me 500€ for the repair.
thanks a lot to everybody
Happy Life 

Diego Marchesi
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Good evening sirs i'm here another time to put my Life in your hands:this time beacuse my vacuum robot don't want to work never more.its an ILIFE brand but it's very DEAD! What could be the problem if the battery (my first think) Is new? Thanks for your eternal patience with me


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This post is for Fujifilm, open new post for vacuum robot.

Is you tehnician ?
Measure battery voltage.


Diego Marchesi
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I'm here for some news about my  Fuji digital camera and for give to you more  informations about It.It's a model "FinePix F700 n°34L11938.Thanks to everybody
good Life bye bye