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Cambridge Audio Trac 1 and DAC 3 parts info needed

Dear sirs.
I bought a D / A converter in the 90s. Besides, also the TRAC 1 CD player Cambridge Audio. The DAC 3 is broken. Nothing works. The voltage diodes from the transformers are not on the board either. I can't do anything because I don't have a schematic. I searched all over the world for Stereonet, diyAudio, in my Polish magazines in a service in Poland, who called Great Britan to the producer and nothing. They said they didn't, in my opinion, it's not possible for the manufacturer not to have a schematic of the hardware they were making. Maybe you have a schematic for TRAC 1. If you had or knew where I can buy such schematics, you would save the equipment and money for which I would have to buy another one, but the Cambridge Audio DAC 3 is no longer in stores. Thank you very much if you sent me, I would be very grateful.
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Hi Pawel,
Sorry I have no schematics for the DAC 3, but the designer John Westlake hangs out at :-

Andy G8PPD


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