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Canon E200 cassette mechanism does not close, led does not light up neither with battery nor with an adapter

I own a Canon E200 video camera that was unused for years.
I charged the battery then I plugged it, then I removed the battery, I plugged the adapter into the place of the battery (it is intended to replace the battery usage if you are near an electric plug).
First times I used either the battery or the adapter, the video camera did not start; then I played with commands and it started to move some mechanism in a cyclcal way and if I remember correctly, it was the cassette mechanism involved only, it opened and closed;
in the end, the cassette slot stopped moving, the lateral door closed, but the upper part of the mechanism is still opened.
Now, if I try to plug either the battery or the adaper, nothing happens, I cannot close the upper part of the mechanism (I am feared to break something by using all my strength, too).
If I remember correctly, the red led of the video camera lighed up at least once before the mechanism stopped working, but now it does not light up at all.
I was never be able to see anything through the video camera, the spotlight never fired up, pressing buttons on the video camera does not do anything, using the working remote controller does not do anything, at least apparently.
How can I repair this video camera?