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CANON Pixma Inkjet MG8120 - error B200

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Saw lots of videos on these with error code B200. Cleaning the head seems to solve it many times.
So after I put the cleaned out printhead back in, I did the trick again
where u power it off when the carraige is half way to the left, remove power
andapply power.

This time, it said "processing" on the screen, and the carriage did alot of
extra maneuvers, and looked like it was attempting a cleaning cycle.

At the end, the screen said "cover open", and the carriage slid toward the
left,stopped, and (3) cartridge LED's were flashing slowly, which I was told
meansthose cartriges are low ink. If I closed the cover, the B200 error would
eventually come back.

I asked the customer if he had spare cartridges, and he did, so he bought
them over, we put them in , tried again, and same B200 error.

I told him its likely a print head, and he may try ordering one thru ebay or
something to give that a try. Apparently there are microelectronics inside these
heads? Beats me how they control or regulate ink flow. On the back of the head there are about
50 contact pads, which I guess must be sensors of some kind? He did say he took the head out
at one point, and perhaps ESD may have damaged some sensitive circuitry in
there, and now the head is out of spec.

I thought I saw some russian videos jumpering some of the pads on the head to bypass the code....anyone have any success?


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The head contain many electronic components, multiplex driver circuit, sensors, eeprom, etc. 
If the head circuit broken, then printer driver circuit broken too. 


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" I thought I saw some russian videos jumpering some of the pads on the head to bypass the code....anyone have any success? "
If you would link there in- would simpler to find us the spoken videos...


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Trying to retrace my steps to find those videos. I searched for the printhead part number on youtube, its a QY6-0080.
Found this video where he steam cleans it, but he also places tape over some contacts, which maybe blocks the page counter?

I soaked my head in water overnight and lots of ink filled the bowl untill it was all dissolved out but still it gave the B200 error.

The other russian videos may eventually come into that feed if left to play, but I believe I first saw this one and it led me to others where they were speaking
in I think Russian and they blocked some pins on the head.

Theres also a Service Tool V3400 for download but does not cover this model Canon Pixma, claims to be able to reset the page counter. I think B200 could merely be
page counter limit reached, and resetting may let this head print some more as its been unclogged. The head seems to have electronics inside it, so I think the electronics was merely
detecting a clog, so a reset should solve this.


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The printer's motherboard has a counter, not the head. The head contact pins are unnecessary to cover. It is made with chip technology, it contains all the circuits for operation. It only communicates via the contacts with the motherboard controller. And it gets the power supply from there. If the head have a short circuit, there is no trick that will work again. If You used an thirdparty (remanufactured, refill) ink, then You had a good chance of destroying the head. Restoring the counter is also unnecessary because the ink collector in the bottom of the printer is full and will overflow.