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Carver HR-772, ACCD function does not work

I am glad to find the manual available here. I have a problem with an otherwise find HR-772 receiver.
I got this at a thrift store for $16. Problem is the ACCD function does not work. I changed out the Tuner board and the problem changed a little, but still the ACCD just blanks out the FM. everything else on the receiver works fine. Aside from blanking out the FM, the ACCD was also causing the FM to make a pulsating noise, until other input selected, then Tuner input selected again was fine. I am thinking there may be something on the control logic circuit, but pages 31,32,33 are missing from the manual. I have traced the ACCD control line from the controller to a transistor that I think only switches the indicator LED (turns on and off, transistor tests ok out of circuit) I can see the ACCD signal go high and low going into the tuner board. I am not sure if it goes anywhere else, and exactly how it works to fix it, NOt sure if there are more circuits on the missing pages to look at. Any ideas??