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Coby CS-MP77 Need SM or Schematic - Runs hot, no audio

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These are PC speakers, picture of the board here

Have replaced the TDA2030 IC's with new from stock, still get very hot. Tried now TDA2040 IC's, still run hot. Replaced all electrolytics
and even most the disc caps and the diodes for the bridge, and some of the small surrounding support resistors, really baffled....

Original problem seems to be they put too strong an input into the 3.5mm jack, and there was an MOV on the jack that shorted. Replaced it plus 2
other MOV's on the board. It seemed to be ok but played sound really too low, and only from the bass speaker. The smal L-R tweeters have never put out any sound at all...
they measure ok ohms, so they should work.

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