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Denon PMA500V amplifier

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Jayant Arora
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I have and found most of the voltages as indicated on the circuit diagram, till op amp M 5218P; are near those specifed. The output on the centre of the two power transistors of both the channels are also alright.

While looking at the voltages on test points as mentioned on the page 7 for setting up quiscent current, these cannot be set.

Bit of history,  the amplifier was lying unused for long time. Nothing in it has burnt. It was never opened earlier than this time, couple of days back.

While I was probing for voltages with DMM, with probe on collector of TR413 one of the fuses blew up. Later same thing happened on the other channel as well.
With the above as background can a Good Samaritan  figure out feasibility of repair.

i am unable to upload service manual as file size is 7.3 mb

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Jayant Arora
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Thanks . I have uploaded the manual