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DOD FX-7 replacement POT

I'm hoping you can help me. I accidently broke the P1 POT on my DOD FX-7 and I am having a problem finding an exact replacement. It shows it in the repair manual as a SW440173 Encoder Switch 2 bit RA w/click and on the POT it has 288S0161 9541 ROC. I've looked all over the internet with no success. Is there a replacement that will work? Thanks for your help.

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I bought a used DOD FX-7, and when I opened it I found that the P1 encoder was broken. Whoever had it before soldered pins 2&3 together and ran a wire up to the encoder mounted on the upper case. That led me to your post...

The original part was made by CTS. I found references to the 288 series, but 288S0161 does not look like a valid part number. Partial? The rest of the number you have doesn't match mine. I believe that is a date code: 41st week of 1995.

As near as I can determine, a replacement CTS encoder would be 288VAA5K161B2. I have found references to it, but it is not stocked by anyone.

I have found an encoder from Bourns that looks like similar specs. PEC11R-4125K-N0024. I've ordered a couple to see if I can fit one into place.


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It's not going to be that easy, I guess.

The PEC11R is not a drop-in replacement. It is smaller, and the pin spacing is narrower. On top of that, the shaft is thicker. Everything I'm finding is 6mm where the original part as a 4.7mm shaft.

It can be made to work if you mount it in the top casing and run wires down to the circuit board. Plenty of clearance, but you will want to keep your leads short; possibly a ribbon cable. But you will also need to find a new knob.