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early Casio synths - Need service manuals (research project)

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:help: I need further service manuals of the first Casiotone music keyboards and synths. I don't mean CZ, SK or CTK which is well online, but the really old semi-analog things like these:

  • CT-201
  • CT-401
  • CT_701
  • CT-6000
  • Symphonytron 8000
  • HT-3000
  • HT-6000
  • SK-200
  • PT keyboards
  • VL-5
  • MT keyboards (like MT-200, MT-800, MT-820)

I want to contribute to a sound hardware research and documentation project (perhaps resulting in an open source software synthesizer).

(I have already uploaded the 1000p and MT-65/MT-100 service manuals to ElektroTanya. Most other schematics I have are anyway here, but I may provide some additional proms and eproms.)