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everlast power tig 210 ext

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Nils Voss

Hey there, 

I am looking for a schematic for a everlast power tig 210 ext before 2015
Seems to be a Chinese welding Maschine with 200 amps ac dc and microcontroller.... 
Which was also sold in Germany as Evo 200 ac/dc (my model) 

Seems to be that the problem is on a board called acdc2100cp which Controls the main switching powersupply. 
Problem is: no output.... 24v on the out. But delivered by a second powersupply. 
Also hf is working... But no startup arc. Primary voltage about 300V.... 
So without a schematic.... I am a little screwed.. 
I like the Maschine it's build well..... Better than the analog tig welders

Regards Nils