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Fender G-DEC 30 - amp overheats after about 20minutes

Hi, can anyone please advise me on the following.
I have the Fender G-DEC 30 amp and the chip processor is faulty. The amp overheats after about 20minutes of playing and I have been told by local electronics repair shop that it is the chip processor.
They can't repair it apparently and Fender does not supply circuit boards or parts for this amp anymore.
Anyone know where I can get hold of the chip processor for this circuit board?
Thanks Neil +27 (0) 76 172 3119 or

Honti Antal

Szerintem a 3886 végfok melegedhet el, ami egy általános végfok IC. Cserekor vigyázzon a ház szigetelésre, csak akkor kapcsolja be, ha kimérte ohmmérővel!!!! Üdv.Antal.


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