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Fluke ScopeMeter 105B Series II Display frozen / no Display

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In my case the display of the ScopeMeter was frozen and the keyboard did not respond any more exept the on/off key. This happened always after the ScopeMeter has been switched on for a while. To find the temperature effect, I heated up the different parts of the Digital A1 board with a hair dryer. At some point, the device display stopped working completely and only the backlight was working. This effect was steady and irreversible.
To repair the device, you need the "fluke_92b_96b_99b_105b_servicemanual" provided here in the service manual area.
On page 272 in Figure 9.2b (Digital A1 circuit diagram, part b) the display contrast circuit schematic shows the NPN Transistor V1432 of type BC848C (see also the attached picture). Measuring the Base/Emitter diode showed a low resistance of 100 Ohms in both directions. Replacing that transistor by a NPN transistor of type BC847C solved the problem and the device was working correctly again.
The reason for choosing the BC847C instead of the BC848C are the Vcbo and Vceo of only 30 V of the BC848x series. The BC847x series has a Vcbo of 50 V and a Vceo of 45 V respectively and offers therefore a greater margin. The V1432 is placed between TP431 (LCDPWR, +5 V) and the -30 V connection from Analog Board A2. These conditions are too close to the absolute maximum ratings of the BC848x and are especially for higher temperatures critical.

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