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Fluke_9010A Micro-System-Analyzer with various CPU-POD's for sale

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I have a long list of  Workshop proven & used  CPU-Emulator -Equipment
with full original-documentation for each part.
I do not know if it is allowed "here",  to make such an offer
and because it is a long list of 6-8 different CPU-Emulator-POD's
please contact me via p.m. if any interest.
You will then get a lot of more detailed pictures from the actual packed devices
THESE ARE EXPERT DEVICES for Whorkshop and Repair-Technicians
used to read & work with IC's, Schematics and Datasheets (DAILY) ! 
It's like working with each CPU-Device-PIN
with full Control over its external PCB-World (elctrical & timing & TRI-State),
seen and working like from inside the specific CPU to the external Periphery !!!!!
And this works , regarding  DATA- ADRESS- & Control-BUS-Signals 
for different  interchangeable CPU-POD's with a common handling & usage on this
BASIC FLUKE9010A -Device, with script programmable and Tape Safe/Resore facility.
best regards Norbert