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focusrite - Saffire pro 24 firewire not communicate with PC

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I have a problem with my Saffire Pro 24 sound card and would like to find the service manual to see if I can repair it. The card has stopped communicating with the PC and so I believe the firewire port is broken. I searched around and found no one who shared this, anyone can help me, could send me messages directly about it. I would like to try replacing the component that manages the firewire but the repair manual at this point is necessary.
In the attached file could be the chips in the blue circles those that interest me?
I read, on the one on the left and  that  is then the one closest to the FireWire port, RSA 17-18 and I think it is the TS4141 with SOT 223 But the certainty is to read the repair service manual

Thank you, Michele  ;D ::)

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