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Grundig CUC120 - Super Color A 7100 - CRT TV - Screen - Cinesc. is black

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Note: This Model and CUC220, CUC720 almost identical

My family b. this TV in 80'

And worked ~15 years

In 90' Black screen ... with Pot. in 100% Brightness, Contrast.

In the end 90' puff doesn't work at all.

Someone try repair but ... the same black screen.

They reported ... try fix and get > Brightness

In past 6 months, I repaired and new life come from the set, but now we get too much Brightness

In your opinion ... the person try Adjust ... fix what?

ABL - Automatic Brightness Limiter setup, regul.?
R2533 R2538?

Thank you for your comments, info.

Please your comments:

Brightness and Colour Pot. -> OK

But Contrast Pot.: I can' rise ... NO FOCUS and
washed out -> I only see a Blank RASTER.

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Super Color A 7100
The other sub-models in pag.1 - pdf
right bottom

The screen is black ... and we notice from time to time (when the image is very brig.) some small part of image.
Very few dots.

I tested the G1 2X V, G2 5XX V, Heather - G and J Volts in the neck of Cinesc.

Power Supply I tested +A 115 V, +C 200 V , +B 12V, +M 19V

In Pag. 6 - SSB and SB?         T2533

Thank you,
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