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Help with repair of 6 disc CD changer for a Nissan Frontier 2001

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I have a Matsushita 28185 9Z600 CD 6 disc player from my 2001 Nissan Frontier. It also has a Ref No. CQ-EN8060Z and I really need help with the mechanics of this unit. My 6 year old grandson knocked it off my workbench and a part flew out of it and I have no idea how or where it fits in. I think it is the thing that moves the CD's in and out because it opens up and closes back like it is designed to grab and hold something. Has anyone ever taken a similar CD player/radio apart? It looks so simple but for the life of me my brain just will not solve the puzzle. I have never been good at doing puzzles anyway, the pieces all look alike. Thanks for any help in advance. Please stay safe during this pandemic. Ralph

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I couldn't find service manual. Could you upload some pictures. I'd like to see the front of the unit and the dismantled CD drive.