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Hisense LCD TLM3233D (very white screen, Fault and cure)

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I have this LCD TV which has a very white screen, the picture is visible. I could not find any fault on the CCFL Lamp inverter and was suspecting the T-Con panel of failure. The T-con panel is integrated in the control board. What i did is using "freeze it" cold spray i sprayed one of the IC's and it cured the fault. Perhaps the IC needs to be replaced. The part number is AS15-G. This component is not available for purchase in south africa and i would need to import it from china. This part is a LCD voltage buffer.

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The AS15F is the same. Yesterday I replaced on a Samsung T-con AS15G instead.You can find it on most of T-cons, V315B1-C01,T370HW02 etc..


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