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Hitachi SR-903 receiver protection light remains on

I have a Hitachi SR 903 which was working well , with all the provisions given in the Function selector. But lately for the past few months I was using only to connect the TV audio which was working well .
I last used it in working condition about a month ago. I had not used it afterwards for some time.
Today on switching on the Radio, the protection light comes on but does not go away.
I removed all input jacks , speaker out leads etc , yet the protection light remains on
The lights on the front panel , vu meters . signal , FM signal come on when I switch on the radio. All the indicator lights come on when turning the Function switch EXCEPT for
the Auxilary.  The indicator light for Aux does not come on when I select Aux in the Function knob,  Lately I have been using this set only for the TV audio fed into the Aux socket at the back of the set . 

Can you please guide me to get around this problem. 

Thank you. 


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Hello Giri,
Schematics is here
The protection circuit switches on when DC level is at the output (with load)
I would check the voltage level at the base of the transistors Q502 /503.
Try to replace the C 502/C 503 capacitors.
Good luck to repair.