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Hoover VHD9164ZD Washing Machine, error 3

Hoover VHD9164ZD, Type F3M9, washing machine (eleven years old). The machine has functioned well so far but now I have now got problems with the discharge water. When I use short washing programmes the spilling water gets pumped out fine, but when I use long programmes (which always use hot water and more water) a warning message comes up telling that the discharge water system is blocked (error 3, no pump out). But it isn’t blocked, I have checked the pump, dismantled and cleaned all hoses and looked into the tub; there is nothing to see except the heating elements have some chalk.   The supply and discharge hoses are without any kinks and the latter is at the correct height above the floor.

I suppose that some water-level-control thing does not function. Can anyone help me? Best regards, Kurt C.

PS: I downloaded 23 pages from a Service Manual yesterday, and I got the impression that download more pages the next five(or four) days. Was I wrong?