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Intech LH-5 Heater

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Company no longer in business here in the US.
This is a product that heats up and dries wet ski boots,
the board powers 2 big heat guns I guess with programmed cycle
times. No SM or schematic of course.

Main bridge was shorted, seems directly fed from 115V line power.
Replaced the bridge with a thru hole type and hooked up with a variac to power.
 At one point the panel lit up with power, then there was a snap
and thought I saw sparks from the 2 large heat guns in the chassis,
then dead. Fuse blown - bridge shorted again.

Seems like they are using a IC on the boards
to handle the switching side of the SMPS, its a Viper35SP
made by St electronics:

Looks like its obsolete / NLA from what I can see so far. Some on Ebay for purchase.
I think the IC runs straight from the line power, rated at 800V.

Should I try the support components around the IC or try replacing the IC?

I am thinking the heat buildup perhaps caused the smd caps to dry out?


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Hi, pls take the photo from the pcb's other side!



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Updated the post with a picture of the other side of the pcb.


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The C1 capacitor is defect i think, but i would replace all capacitors on the pcb and you check the two triac on the board. The two 4pin connectors :2 pin the power (115v) to the heaters from the triacs, but i dont look what is the other 2 pin. Try to the DSP1, that is a multi dc power stabilizer...