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Iphone 8 Plus Help is needed for some Caps

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I have a hard time to find the cap C7606_W for an iphone 8 Plus.
Value given on the iphone 8 Plus schematics : 0.01UF 6.3V 10% XR5 0402 (or 01005 metric)

Found only one on aliexpress but need to buy a full reel...

May be I am looking the wrong way or value to find what I need 

Any help will be appreciated



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You should try at eg. Farnell,
10pc 1,16 Euro.

In Hungary, Budapest we have a distributor, I place the order and a few days later I pick up the goods in person at the office. No shipping fee.
Try to find a local distributor for Farnell, Mouser, TME,....

X5R means 85°C, X7R means 105°C. So you can replace it with better or higher voltage.

Another way: you look for a full series smd capacitor kit. Seems expensive for only one capacitor, but can help a lot later.

Good luck