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JBL PRO 418 where do wires go?

Crown CE 1000 & 2000 power amp. 
the amp in question comes in a JBL PRO 418 .
I bought this powered pro sub not working. It had been repaired . Inside the housing lay the main board and no wires connected. 
I'm looking for a picture of the inside with the wires hooked to main board & rectifier. 
I have trouble with schematics.  I've searched internet but can't seem to find.
Thank you very much for all your time. This has been a 6 year project,and the wire placement is all I need .

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Better way to take some photos, and upload it a photo share site, and link it. 





Den Frellay
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I think I know what you're telling me , the problem is that I am not very savvy on line. I'm a bit of a country boy and have spent most my life outside. I've been searching for years now ,seems more of a waste of life to search on a system that's supposed to make life easier and all it has done is run me around in circles. ... Insane right.  Well this is my case in point.
thank you for all of your time .


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Hello Dan,
Life is too short to waste your time smiley Is it really 6 years old poject?
Almost the same JBL:
Good luck to repair.