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JVC AV-21FMG4G Chassis SCW-1362A blinks continuously after three failing power on attempts

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JVC AV-21FMG4G Chassis SCW-1362A CRT TV blinks continuously after three failing power on attempts.
According to the customer, the upper portion of the screen started shrinking with horizontal lines, then ended with a single thin horizontal line.
This suspects the vertical drive section to be problematic. No vertical output though vertical in put is OK. After conducting an ESR check for capacitors in the vertical section, C428 (100uF 35V), connecting VCC1 with Pump-up pin # 3 of the IC, it measured 1200pF. It was replaced but still no vertical output. So changed the vertical IC401 (TDA78040), and the output appeared, but still blinks after three failing start-ups. I, m suspecting the corrupt EEPROM data.
CPU: TDA11010H / N1D00
Any one with EEPROM dump for this model or any help please?